Industrial property rights are valuable commercial assets – for companies of every size and in every industry. The protection, the management, the defence and the design of these rights is the task we have set ourselves on your behalf. In this context we see ourselves as service providers who find solutions for legal problems and proactively avert risks in order to safeguard your sustainable commercial success. Our extensive experience in this field at national and international level enables us to solve complex matters precisely and efficiently. In this way your IP rights are protected in line with your business strategy – in Germany, Europe and worldwide.


Whether it be with patents, trade marks or designs, actively crafted protection is essential; these intellectual property instruments do not “automatically” provide the legal protection you require. We will help you to create a protective right around your idea and its implementation, efficiently, correctly and with the appropriate coverage.


The mere registration of an industrial property right is not enough. Time periods have to be observed or extended, the scope of protection may need to be adjusted to suit the geographic circumstances or the content. These are the things we can deal with for you: in line with your corporate strategy and, naturally, in close coordination with you.


Infringement of industrial property rights often causes immense damage not only in terms of financial losses, but your image may also suffer as a result of inferior quality products on the market. It is thus essential that action should be taken consistently from the very beginning. This is something we can also do for you either directly in our firm or with the help of reliable partners in the location in question.


If it is a matter of using another party’s protective rights or allowing others the right to use your own, then the focus is on drafting and checking contracts, e.g. in the form of licences, cross-licence agreements, etc. In this situation, too, we are the right partner for you: we have extensive experience of managing such contracts and in dealing with IP rights.

Our firm

The philosophy of our firm is to provide the advice and services that our clients need for the successful protection of their industrial and intellectual property. In addition to our technical and legal competence, we can also draw on a great many years of experience in the intellectual property field, at both a national and an international level, which makes it possible to find solutions to most complex matters in a precise and efficient way. We see our role as a provider of specialised advice and services for solutions to legal problems both by litigation and amicable settlement, and by adopting a foresighted approach which helps to identify and avert potential risks and to safeguard our clients’ commercial success.

2022 Dr. Rolf Lechner joins the firm.
2016 The law firm signs with Flügel Preissner Schober Seidel
2012 Florian Krieg joins the firm.
2005 Marcus Seidel joins the firm.
2003 Otto Flügel leaves the firm.
2002 Merger of the two law firms
2002 Christoph D. Schober joins the law firm Michelis & Preissner
1994 Nicolaus Preissner joins the firm. Theodor Michelis leaves the firm. Nicolaus Preissner assumes responsibility for the firm Michelis & Preissner.
1990 Founding of the law firm Seibert & Michelis by Theodor Michelis.
1978 Heinz Lesser leaves the firm. Otto Flügel assumes responsibility for the firm.
1971 Otto Flügel joins the firm of Lesser & Fügel.
1950 Founding of the law firm by Heinz Lesser.